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Attractions In Birmingham

Whether you have a weekend or a week to spend with us, there’s plenty to keep you interested, occupied and fully engaged. Sure, we want you to take a minute to stop and look around. But with so much to see and do, that’s easier said than done.

Featured Attractions In Birmingham
Attractions Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum

Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum is the largest private motorcycle collection in the world and a showcase for some of the rarest racecars ever built.

Buckle up.

Experience an entire museum dedicated to the finest racing machines on the planet.

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Name Type Phone Neighborhood Website
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Attractions, Family Fun, History, Museums/Galleries, Sports (205) 699-7275 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.barbermuseum.org
Virginia Samford Theatre Attractions, Music, Theater/Cultural (205) 251-1206 SOUTHSIDE www.virginiasamfordtheatre.org
Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail Attractions, Civil Rights, History DOWNTOWN civilrightstrail.com/destination/birmingham/
Hammer & Stain Birmingham Attractions, Family Fun (205) 593-4132 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.hammerandstainbhm.com
Alabama Historical Radio Museum Attractions, History, Museums/Galleries, Music DOWNTOWN www.alabamahistoricalradiosociety.org
Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure Amusement Parks, Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 481-4750 BESSEMER/WEST www.alabamasplash.com
Ruffner Mountain Nature Center Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 833-8264 AIRPORT www.ruffnermountain.org
Moss Rock Preserve Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 444-7866 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.hooveral.org/Index.aspx?NID=214
DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park Attractions, Family Fun, History, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (256) 378-7252 280 www.desotocavernspark.com
Magic City ePlex Attractions, Family Fun, Gaming (205) 591-3759 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE theeplex.com/
Eddie Kendrick Memorial Park Attractions, Music DOWNTOWN
Alabama Peanut Company Attractions, History, Shopping (205) 538-7422 DOWNTOWN www.alabamapeanut.com
Birmingham Boulders Sports (205) 201-4616 HOMEWOOD www.boulderingauthority.com/bhamboulders/
Alabama Wine Trail Attractions, Shopping, Theater/Cultural 280
Legion Field Attractions, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation, Sports 205-254-2391 Ticket Office BESSEMER/WEST www.informationbirmingham.com/legion-field.aspx
Hoover Climbing & Adventure – Finley Center Attractions, Parks/Recreation HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.hoovermetcomplex.com/finley-center/
Birmingham Museum of Art Attractions, Family Fun, Museums/Galleries (205) 254-2565 DOWNTOWN www.artsbma.org
Hoover Met Complex Attractions, Sports (205) 739-7364 HOOVER/VESTAVIA hoovermetcomplex.com
Hoover Met Complex Splash Pad Attractions, Family Fun (205) 739-7364 HOOVER/VESTAVIA hoovermetcomplex.com/explore-play/
Homewood Antiques and Marketplace Attractions, Shopping (205) 414-9945 HOMEWOOD www.homewoodantiques.com
The Lyric Theatre Attractions, History, Theater/Cultural (205) 252-2262 DOWNTOWN www.lyricbham.com
Bethel Baptist Church Attractions, Civil Rights, History (205) 322-5360 AIRPORT www.bethelcollegeville.org
Birmingham Race Course Attractions, Gaming, Sports (205) 838-7500 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.birminghamracecourse.com
Arlington Antebellum Home & Garden Attractions, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 780-5656 BESSEMER/WEST www.arlingtonantebellumhomeandgardens.com
Civil Axe Throwing Attractions, Gaming, Outdoors, Sports (205) 730-6739 LAKEVIEW www.civilaxethrowing.com/birmingham/
Locked In @ Birmingham Attractions, Family Fun, Gaming (205) 490-2130 LAKEVIEW birmingham.lockedin.com
American Village Attractions, Family Fun, History, Military (205) 665-3535 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.americanvillage.org
Oak Mountain State Park Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 620-2520 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.alapark.com/oak-mountain-state-park
Alabama Theatre Attractions, History, Theater/Cultural (205) 252-2262 DOWNTOWN www.alabamatheatre.com
Trussville Sports Complex Attractions, Outdoors (205) 661-3777 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE
Alabama Men’s Hall of Fame Attractions, History (205) 726-2362 HOMEWOOD www.samford.edu/alabama-mens-hall-of-fame/
Alabama Mining Museum Attractions, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 648-2442 BESSEMER/WEST arlweb.msha.gov/TRAINING/MUSEUM/AL/ALMAIN.HTM
McWane Science Center Attractions, Family Fun, Museums/Galleries, Theater/Cultural (205) 714-8300 DOWNTOWN www.mcwane.org
Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Attractions, Family Fun, History, Museums/Galleries, Sports (205) 323-6665 DOWNTOWN www.ashof.org
Bessemer Hall of History Attractions, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 426-1633 BESSEMER/WEST www.bessemerhallofhistory.org
Five Points South Entertainment District Attractions, History, Shopping (205) 324-8797 SOUTHSIDE www.fivepointsbham.com
Rickwood Field Attractions, Family Fun, History, Sports (205) 458-8161 BESSEMER/WEST www.rickwood.com
Birmingham Children’s Theatre Attractions, Family Fun, Theater/Cultural (205) 458-8181 DOWNTOWN www.BCT123.org
Topgolf Birmingham Sports (205) 847-5757 DOWNTOWN topgolf.com/us/birmingham/
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church National Historic Landmark Attractions, Civil Rights, History, Religion (205) 251-9402 DOWNTOWN www.16thstreetbaptist.org
Bham Eat Drink Ride Food Tours Attractions, Family Fun (205) 482-6999 www.diningoutwithcomediennejoy.com/birmingham-food-tours
McAdory Family Pioneer Home Attractions, History (205) 426-1633 BESSEMER/WEST www.wjchs.com
Legacy Arena Attractions, Sports, Theater/Cultural (205) 458-8400 DOWNTOWN www.bjcc.org
Talladega Superspeedway Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Sports (256) 362-2261 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.talladegasuperspeedway.com
Birmingham Civil Rights District Attractions, Civil Rights, History, Museums/Galleries DOWNTOWN en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birmingham_Civil_Rights_District
Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Attractions, Sports (205) 942-1177 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.rtjgolf.com
Southern Environmental Center Attractions, Family Fun (205) 226-7740 BESSEMER/WEST www.bsc.edu/sec/
Southern Museum of Flight Attractions, History, Military (205) 833-8226 AIRPORT www.southernmuseumofflight.org/
Railroad Park Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 521-9933 DOWNTOWN www.railroadpark.org
Regions Field Attractions, Parks/Recreation (205) 988-3200 DOWNTOWN atmilb.com/2GeNidN
Rickwood Caverns State Park Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 647-9692 GARDENDALE www.alapark.com/RickwoodCaverns/
Riverchase Galleria Attractions, Shopping (205) 985-3020 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.riverchasegalleria.com
Alabama Veterans Memorial Attractions, History, Military, Parks/Recreation (205) 305-6749 MOUNTAIN BROOK www.alabamaveterans.org
Birmingham Public Library Attractions, Family Fun, History, Museums/Galleries, Theater/Cultural (205) 226-3600 DOWNTOWN bplonline.org
Birmingham Zoo Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 879-0409 MOUNTAIN BROOK www.birminghamzoo.com
Red Mountain Park Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 202-6043 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.redmountainpark.org
Birmingham Holocaust Education Center Attractions, Civil Rights, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 795-4176 SOUTHSIDE bhecinfo.org
Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark Attractions, Family Fun, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 254-2025 DOWNTOWN www.slossfurnaces.com
Kelly Ingram Park Attractions, Civil Rights, History, Parks/Recreation DOWNTOWN www.nps.gov/nr/travel/civilrights/al10.htm
The Villages of Mountain Brook: English, Mountain Brook and Crestline Attractions, Shopping MOUNTAIN BROOK mtnbrookchamber.org/villages
Barber Motorsports Park Attractions, Sports (205) 298-9040 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.barbermotorsports.com
Pepper Place Attractions, Shopping (205) 802-2100 LAKEVIEW www.pepperplace.net
Avondale Park Attractions, Outdoors (205) 254-2391 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Brierfield Ironworks and Historical Park Attractions, Family Fun, History, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 665-1856 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.brierfieldironworks.com
Cahaba Outfitters Sports (205) 568-6289 Shelby County www.cahabaoutfitters.com
Mt Laurel Farmer’s Market & Craft Fair Attractions, Farmers Market (205) 408-8696 Shelby County www.mtlaurel.com
Smithfield Historic District Attractions, History BESSEMER/WEST
Vulcan Park and Museum Attractions, Family Fun, History, Museums/Galleries, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 933-1409 SOUTHSIDE www.visitvulcan.com
Historic Cahaba Pumping Station Museum Attractions, History (205) 967-0340 MOUNTAIN BROOK www.bwwb.org/conferencecenter
Temple of Sibyl Attractions, History, Outdoors (205) 967-0338 HOOVER/VESTAVIA vhal.org/sibyl-temple
Tannehill Sporting Clays Sports (205) 370-2933 BESSEMER/WEST www.tannehillsportingclays.com
Shadow Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery Attractions, History (205) 942-6958 BESSEMER/WEST
Sadler Family Pioneer Home Attractions, History BESSEMER/WEST www.wjchs.com
Samuel Ullman Museum Attractions, History, Museums/Galleries 934-8100 SOUTHSIDE main.uab.edu/sites/UllmanMuseum/
Reynolds Historical Library Attractions, Museums/Galleries (205) 934-4475 SOUTHSIDE www.uab.edu/reynolds/
Reed Books Attractions, Museums/Galleries, Shopping (205) 326-4460 DOWNTOWN www.jimreedbooks.com
Pepper Place Saturday Market Attractions, Family Fun, Farmers Market, Outdoors, Shopping (205) 802-2100 LAKEVIEW www.pepperplacemarket.com
PiG Paintball Sports (205) 477-6067 www.paintballisgood.com
Owen Family Pioneer Home Attractions, History (205) 426-1633 BESSEMER/WEST www.wjchs.com
Oak Hill Cemetery Attractions, History (205) 251-6532 DOWNTOWN www.oakhill-birmingham.org
Negro Southern League Museum Attractions, Civil Rights, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 581-3040 DOWNTOWN birminghamnslm.org
Mercedes-Benz US International, Inc. Visitor Center Attractions, Museums/Galleries (205) 507-2252 BESSEMER/WEST www.mbusi.com
Jones Valley Teaching Farm Attractions, Farmers Market (205) 439-7213 DOWNTOWN jonesvalleyteachingfarm.org
International Motorsports Hall of Fame Attractions, Museums/Galleries, Outdoors, Sports (256) 362-5002 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.motorsportshalloffame.com
High Point Climbing And Fitness Sports (205) 981-9190 Shelby County highpointclimbing.com/birmingham
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum Attractions, Family Fun, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 668-3435 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.hodrrm.org
Farmers Market on Finley Attractions, Farmers Market, Shopping (205) 251-8737 BESSEMER/WEST www.alabamafarmersmarket.org
Enon Ridge Cemetery Attractions, History (205) 252-5552 BESSEMER/WEST
Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) – Global Catholic Network Attractions, Religion (205) 271-2900 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.ewtn.com
East Pinson Valley Recreation Center Sports (205) 297-8102 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE
Carver Theatre Attractions, Civil Rights, History, Music, Theater/Cultural (205) 327-9424 DOWNTOWN www.jazzhall.com
Cahaba River Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 322-5326 280 www.cahabariversociety.org
BumperNets Sports (205) 987-2222 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.bumpernets.com
Birmingham Parks & Recreation Sports 205-254-2699 Recreation Superintendent BESSEMER/WEST www.informationbirmingham.com/parks-recreation.aspx
Birmingham Barons AA Baseball Attractions, Family Fun, Sports (205) 988-3200 DOWNTOWN www.barons.com
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Attractions, Civil Rights, Museums/Galleries (205) 328-9696 DOWNTOWN www.bcri.org
Autobahn Indoor Speedway Amusement Parks, Attractions, Family Fun, Sports (205) 235-6230 BESSEMER/WEST www.autobahnspeed.com/locations/birmingham-al-indoor-go-karts/
Ave Maria Grotto Attractions, Religion (256) 734-4110 GARDENDALE www.avemariagrotto.com
Aldridge Gardens Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 682-8019 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.aldridgegardens.com
Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences Attractions, Museums/Galleries (205) 934-4475 SOUTHSIDE www.uab.edu/amhs/
Alabama National Cemetery Attractions, History, Military (205) 665-9039 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.cem.va.gov/cems/nchp/alabama.asp
Alabama Penny Savings Bank Attractions, Civil Rights, History DOWNTOWN
Alabama Wildlife Center Attractions, Family Fun, Outdoors, Parks/Recreation (205) 663-7930 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.awrc.org
“Letter From Birmingham Jail” Historic Marker Attractions, Civil Rights, History (205) 254-6369 DOWNTOWN
9-11 Memorial Walk Attractions, History, Military (205) 251-0111 DOWNTOWN www.capisdowntown.com/9-11-memorial
A. G. Gaston Gardens Attractions, Civil Rights, History DOWNTOWN
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