After dark is when we really shine.

There’s an unmistakable energy that pulses through the city once the sun goes down, where we mix Southern hospitality with healthy dose of cosmopolitan charm.

Live Music & Nightlife IN Birmingham

Whether you’re looking for some live tunes or maybe even a livelier bar scene, what you’ll find here is a surprising blend of music and entertainment will start you moving, get you grooving and keep you coming back for more.

Featured Live Music & Nightlife In Birmingham
Live Music Iron City Birmingham

A live music venue that hosts some of the hottest bands in the country along with complete bar and food service offering some of the best dishes around.

A place with a rhythm all its own.

The most inspired music venue in town, Iron City has three concert stages, a state-of-the-art sound system, two bars and a restaurant.

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Name Type Phone Neighborhood Website
Otey’s Tavern Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 871-8435 MOUNTAIN BROOK
Our Place – Southside Bar or Pub, Gay/Lesbian (205) 715-0077 DOWNTOWN
Upper Deck Sports Bar & Grill Bar or Pub, Billiards, Karaoke, Live Music (205) 942-3289 HOMEWOOD
Carrigan’s Public House Bar or Pub (205) 440-2430 DOWNTOWN
Gabriel’s Cafe Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 985-0983 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
Queen’s Park Bar or Pub, Cocktail Lounge DOWNTOWN
The Lumbar Bar or Pub LAKEVIEW
Mayawell Agave Spirits & Cocktails Bar or Pub (205) 957-4485 LAKEVIEW
Neon Moon Bar or Pub DOWNTOWN
Ferus Artisan Ales Bar or Pub (205) 508-3978 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE
Birmingham District Brewing Company – The Battery Bar or Pub (205) 202-5779 DOWNTOWN
Cayo Coco Rum Bar & Restaurante Bar or Pub, Cocktail Lounge (205) 290-5115 DOWNTOWN
Platinum of Birmingham Dance/DJ, Night Club (205) 324-0791 DOWNTOWN
WorkPlay Live Music, Martini Bar, Night Club (205) 879-4773 DOWNTOWN
TrimTab Brewing Company Bar or Pub (828) 545-4746 LAKEVIEW
The Roof at The Redmont Bar or Pub (205) 957-6828 DOWNTOWN
True Story Brewing Company Bar or Pub (205) 593-4144 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
The Margaret Bar or Pub (205) 777-3855 DOWNTOWN
The Quest Dance/DJ, Gay/Lesbian, Night Club (205) 251-4313 SOUTHSIDE
The Marble Ring Cocktail Lounge (205) 202-2252 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
The Brown Derby Bar & Grill Bar or Pub (205) 595-0067 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
The Grocery Brewpub Bar or Pub (205) 637-0990 HOMEWOOD
Sportsters Bar & Grill Bar or Pub (205) 744-6292 BESSEMER/WEST
The Hanger Bar and Grill Bar or Pub (205) 434-2121 BESSEMER/WEST
The Fennec Bar or Pub, Cocktail Lounge, Dance/DJ, Late night food, Live Music, Open Late (659) 208-2480 DOWNTOWN
Saturn Birmingham Live Music (205) 703-9545 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Sammy’s Adult Entertainment Adult Entertainment (205) 945-8325 HOMEWOOD
The Furnace Adult Entertainment (205) 251-5551 DOWNTOWN
Innisfree Irish Pub Bar or Pub, Live Music, Open Late (205) 252-4252 LAKEVIEW
Lou’s Pub & Package Store Bar or Pub (205) 322-7005 LAKEVIEW
Oasis Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 323-5538 LAKEVIEW
Mojo Pub & Grill Bar or Pub (205) 703-0933 LAKEVIEW
Moon Shine Birmingham at Elyton Hotel Bar or Pub, Cocktail Lounge (205) 731-3600 DOWNTOWN
Paper Doll Bar or Pub (205) 201-5005 DOWNTOWN
Crestwood Tavern Bar or Pub (205) 510-0053 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Good People Brewing Company Bar or Pub, Night Club (205) 286-2337 DOWNTOWN
Dave & Buster’s Bar or Pub (205) 986-6200 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
Dave’s Pub Bar or Pub (205) 933-4030 SOUTHSIDE
41st Street Pub & Aircraft Sales Bar or Pub (205) 202-4187 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Avondale Brewing Company Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 777-5456 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Club South Bar or Pub (205) 251-0512 SOUTHSIDE
Cahaba Brewing Company Tasting Room Bar or Pub (205) 578-2616 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Barrister’s Tavern Bar or Pub, Karaoke (205) 978-6970 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
Chaser’s Sports Bar Bar or Pub (205) 324-1336 DOWNTOWN
Al’s on Seventh Gay/Lesbian (205) 321-2812 LAKEVIEW
Bumpers Billiards Billiards (205) 823-4006 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
Dread River Distilling Co. Bar or Pub SOUTHSIDE
The Wine Loft Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 323-8228 DOWNTOWN
The Goose Bar or Pub (205) 777-5357 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
The Louis Bar at The Pizitz Food Hall Cocktail Lounge (205) 730-9002 DOWNTOWN
Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar Bar or Pub (205) 502-7600 DOWNTOWN
Parkside on Fifth Bar or Pub, Cocktail Lounge, Late night food, Open Late (205) 595-0920 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Hooter’s of Trussville Bar or Pub (205) 655-9475 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE
Iron City Birmingham Bar or Pub, Cocktail Lounge, Live Music (205) 202-5483 DOWNTOWN
Carrigan’s Beer Garden Bar or Pub (205) 440-2910 LAKEVIEW
Black Market Bar + Grill Colonnade Bar or Pub (205) 967-8787 280
Billy’s Sports Grill at Liberty Park Bar or Pub (205) 956-2323 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
3000 Bar Bar or Pub (205) 933-3222 SOUTHSIDE
Courtyard 280 Oyster Bar & Grill Live Music, Open Late (205) 980-9891 Shelby County
The Lab Bar & Kitchen – Hilton at UAB Bar or Pub (205) 933-9009 SOUTHSIDE
Zydeco Live Music, Night Club (205) 933-1032 SOUTHSIDE
Twin Peaks Bar or Pub (205) 203-9461 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
The Tin Roof Bar or Pub, Late night food, Live Music (205) 323-4356 LAKEVIEW
The Oak Hill Bar & Grill Live Music (205) 870-8277 HOMEWOOD
The Collins Bar Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 323-7995 DOWNTOWN
The Garage Bar or Pub, Live Music, Open Late (205) 322-3220 SOUTHSIDE
Stardome Comedy (205) 444-0008 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
Perfect Note Live Music, Night Club (205) 986-7280 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
Marty’s PM Bar or Pub SOUTHSIDE
Hooter’s of Homewood Bar or Pub (205) 940-9145 HOMEWOOD
Saw’s Juke Joint Live Music (205) 745-3920 MOUNTAIN BROOK
Gable Square Saloon & Games Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 251-0960 SOUTHSIDE
Five Points South Entertainment District Billiards, Dance/DJ, Late night food, Live Music, Night Club, Open Late (205) 324-8797 SOUTHSIDE
Black Market Bar + Grill Night Club (205) 933-8035 SOUTHSIDE
Sidebar Cafe Bar or Pub (205) 224-4410 LAKEVIEW
Bourbon Street Bar & Lounge Bar or Pub, Karaoke, Live Music (205) 957-1006 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD
Red Lion Lounge Bar or Pub (205) 871-8552 HOMEWOOD
Nana Funks Dance/DJ, Night Club, Open Late (205) 250-8003 LAKEVIEW
The Upside Down Plaza Bar or Pub, Billiards (205) 930-0333 SOUTHSIDE
Jazzi’s on 3rd Bar or Pub (205) 321-6233 DOWNTOWN
LeNell’s Beverage Boutique Bar or Pub (205) 536-3557 AIRPORT
The Nick Live Music, Night Club, Open Late (205) 252-3831 SOUTHSIDE
Harry & Billie’s Lounge Bar or Pub (205) 424-8305 BESSEMER/WEST
Satterfield’s Restaurant Bar or Pub, Live Music (205) 969-9690 MOUNTAIN BROOK
Cajun Steamer Bar and Grill – Trussville Live Music (205) 655-6008 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE