Our roots run deep.

In Birmingham, you can still experience the places from the past that have made us who we are today.

History in Birmingham

Not only do we have a storied history, but much of our illustrious past has been preserved and is still on display today. Vaudeville-era theaters that now feature the hottest musical acts in the country. Steel foundries that laid the groundwork on which our city was built. Lots of opportunities to see and experience a time that may have been lost but will never be forgotten.

Historical Experiences in Birmingham
Experience Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

Sloss is a 32-acre blast furnace plant where iron was made for nearly 100 years. Now a museum of history and industry, the site preserves a collection of machinery, buildings and industrial structures.

Come explore a city so rich with history and culture right here in Birmingham.

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A. G. Gaston Motel Civil Rights, History (205) 679-0065 DOWNTOWN www.nps.gov/articles/ag-gaston-motel-birmingham-civil-rights-monument.htm
Freedom Line Tours Tour Guides - Step On, Tours - City Tour (866) 259-9691 DOWNTOWN www.Freedomlinetours.com
The Birmingham Historic Touring Company History (205) 440-2720 DOWNTOWN bhamhistory.com/
Smithfield Dynamite Hills Tours Tour Guides - Step On, Tours - City Tour (205) 516-1460 DOWNTOWN smithfieldintctr.com/
Red Clay Tours Tour Guides - Step On (205) 240-3829 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD www.redclaytourism.com
Camelot Limousine Bus Charters & Tours Tour Guides - Step On (205) 337-3370 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.camelotcharters.com
Cline Tours, Inc. Tour Guides - Step On (205) 591-7555 AVONDALE/CRESTWOOD www.clinetours.com
Bham Eat Drink Ride Food Tours/Experience Birmingham Tours Tour Guides - Step On, Tours - City Tour (205) 482-6999 www.diningoutwithcomediennejoy.com/birmingham-food-tours
Plump Educational Consulting Services, Inc. Tour Guides - Step On (205) 383-7957 MOUNTAIN BROOK www.johnplump.com/
Jim Kelley Step-on Guide Service Tour Guides - Step On (205) 566-2654 HOOVER/VESTAVIA
Patricia DeLaine Guide Tour Guides - Step On (205) 305-2435 BESSEMER/WEST
A Day Away Tours By Linda Tour Guides - Step On (205) 631-5747 GARDENDALE
Abracadabra Tours Tour Guides - Step On (803) 361-2650 BESSEMER/WEST
Barry McNealy Tour Services – Milestones Tour Guides - Step On (205) 786-7631 BESSEMER/WEST
Arlington Antebellum Home & Garden History, Museums/Galleries (205) 780-5656 BESSEMER/WEST www.arlingtonantebellumhomeandgardens.com
Alabama Theatre History (205) 252-2262 DOWNTOWN www.alabamatheatre.com
Vulcan Park and Museum History, Museums/Galleries (205) 933-1409 SOUTHSIDE www.visitvulcan.com
Birmingham Museum of Art Museums/Galleries (205) 254-2565 DOWNTOWN www.artsbma.org
The Lyric Theatre History (205) 252-2262 DOWNTOWN www.lyricbham.com
Temple of Sibyl History (205) 967-0338 HOOVER/VESTAVIA vhal.org/sibyl-temple
Smithfield Historic District History BESSEMER/WEST
Shadow Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery History (205) 942-6958 BESSEMER/WEST
Sadler Family Pioneer Home History BESSEMER/WEST www.wjchs.com
Samuel Ullman Museum History, Museums/Galleries 934-8100 SOUTHSIDE main.uab.edu/sites/UllmanMuseum/
Rickwood Field History (205) 458-8161 BESSEMER/WEST www.rickwood.com
Reed Books Museums/Galleries (205) 326-4460 DOWNTOWN www.jimreedbooks.com
Reynolds Historical Library Museums/Galleries (205) 934-4475 SOUTHSIDE www.uab.edu/reynolds/
Owen Family Pioneer Home History (205) 426-1633 BESSEMER/WEST www.wjchs.com
Negro Southern League Museum Civil Rights, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 581-3040 DOWNTOWN birminghamnslm.org
Oak Hill Cemetery History (205) 251-6532 DOWNTOWN www.oakhill-birmingham.org
McAdory Family Pioneer Home History (205) 426-1633 BESSEMER/WEST www.wjchs.com
Kelly Ingram Park Civil Rights, History (205) 254-2556 DOWNTOWN www.nps.gov/nr/travel/civilrights/al10.htm
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum History, Museums/Galleries (205) 668-3435 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.hodrrm.org
Enon Ridge Cemetery History (205) 252-5552 BESSEMER/WEST
Carver Theatre Civil Rights, History (205) 327-9424 DOWNTOWN www.jazzhall.com
Brierfield Ironworks and Historical Park History (205) 665-1856 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.brierfieldironworks.com
Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail Civil Rights, History DOWNTOWN civilrightstrail.com/destination/birmingham/
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Civil Rights, Museums/Galleries (205) 328-9696 DOWNTOWN www.bcri.org/
Birmingham Holocaust Education Center Civil Rights, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 795-4176 SOUTHSIDE bhecinfo.org
American Village History (205) 665-3535 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.americanvillage.org
Alabama Penny Savings Bank Civil Rights, History DOWNTOWN
Alabama Men’s Hall of Fame History (205) 726-2362 HOMEWOOD www.samford.edu/alabama-mens-hall-of-fame/
Alabama Mining Museum History, Museums/Galleries (205) 648-2442 BESSEMER/WEST www.facebook.com/pages/Alabama-Mining-Museum/197937973675916
Alabama Peanut Company History (205) 538-7422 DOWNTOWN www.alabamapeanut.com
Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences Museums/Galleries (205) 934-4475 SOUTHSIDE www.uab.edu/amhs/
“Letter From Birmingham Jail” Historic Marker Civil Rights, History (205) 254-6369 DOWNTOWN
Majestic Caverns History (256) 378-7252 280 www.majesticcaverns.com/
Alabama Historical Radio Museum History, Museums/Galleries DOWNTOWN alhrs.org/museum/
Visionary Civil Rights Heritage Tours Tour Guides - Step On (205) 243-7740 DOWNTOWN
Bethel Baptist Church Civil Rights, History (205) 322-5360 AIRPORT thehistoricbethel.org/
Mercedes-Benz US International, Inc. Visitor Center Museums/Galleries (205) 507-2252 BESSEMER/WEST mbusi.com/visitorcenter
Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame Civil Rights, History, Museums/Galleries (205) 327-9424 DOWNTOWN www.jazzhall.com
Five Points South Entertainment District History (205) 324-8797 SOUTHSIDE www.fivepointsbham.com
Alabama Sports Hall of Fame History, Museums/Galleries (205) 323-6665 DOWNTOWN www.ashof.org
McWane Science Center Museums/Galleries (205) 714-8300 DOWNTOWN www.mcwane.org
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum History, Museums/Galleries (205) 699-7275 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.barbermuseum.org
Southern Museum of Flight History (205) 833-8226 AIRPORT www.southernmuseumofflight.org/
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church National Historic Landmark Civil Rights, History (205) 251-9402 DOWNTOWN www.16thstreetbaptist.org
Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark History, Museums/Galleries (205) 254-2025 DOWNTOWN www.slossfurnaces.com
Bessemer Hall of History History, Museums/Galleries (205) 426-1633 BESSEMER/WEST www.bessemerhallofhistory.org
Alabama Veterans Memorial History (205) 305-6749 MOUNTAIN BROOK www.alabamaveterans.org
Birmingham Public Library History, Museums/Galleries (205) 226-3600 DOWNTOWN bplonline.org
Travel America Tour Guides - Step On (205) 705-2266 Shelby County www.travelamerica2learn.com/
Birmingham Civil Rights District Civil Rights, History, Museums/Galleries DOWNTOWN en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birmingham_Civil_Rights_District
Historic Cahaba Pumping Station Museum History (205) 967-0340 MOUNTAIN BROOK www.bwwb.org/conferencecenter
Landmark Tour and Travel Tour Guides - Step On (205) 326-6444 SOUTHSIDE www.travellandmark.com/f/Destinations/Birmingham.php
International Motorsports Hall of Fame Museums/Galleries (256) 362-5002 TRUSSVILLE/LEEDS/IRONDALE www.motorsportshalloffame.com
Discovery Tours Tour Guides - Step On (205) 305-2435 BESSEMER/WEST
Connection Tours, Inc. Tour Guides - Step On (205) 822-7323 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.ctourstravel.com
Christopherson Andavo (All Season’s Travel) Tour Guides - Step On (205) 870-3003 MOUNTAIN BROOK www.allseasonstravel.com
Alabama National Cemetery History (205) 665-9039 HOOVER/VESTAVIA www.cem.va.gov/cems/nchp/alabama.asp