Remy’s Dog Park:
Remy’s Dog Park is officially open to the public! The local Birmingham community has invested over 750 hours of ‘sweat equity’ to preparing Remy’s Dog Park and now the 6-acre space is ready to welcome you and your dog! Remy’s Dog Park will feature THREE designated fenced-in areas to accommodate large dogs (1.7 acres), small dogs (.7 acres) and special needs dogs-elderly, shy, injured or recovering- (.3 acres). Remy’s Dog Park features lots of open green space for running and shaded space for resting.

Kaul Adventure Tower:
Gear up for Red Mountain Park’s newest attraction—the Kaul Adventure Tower! This 80 foot tall climbing tower features eight climbing lanes, two rappelling lanes (one 72 feet and the other 36 feet), a 72 foot climbing wall, and leaf and mountain laurel climbing options! The Kaul Adventure Tower was constructed by North Carolina’s own Beanstalk Builders. The Beanstalk team also built our Red Ore Zip Tour and Kaul Beanstalk Forest. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication to the Red Mountain Park project!