Nathifa Dance Company & Outreach Inc. was established in 1992 by LaVondia Bryant Square. Nathifa (Na-thee-fa) Dance Company is made up of a diverse group of artists with multiple skills in African, Caribbean, African American dance and drumming. The vision of the company is to have a multicultural community, rich in heritage, transforming young people, thus creating a positive self image, instilling self pride through art, dance and drumming. The mission of Nathifa Dance Company is to educate, instruct and provide cultural arts activities to include dance, music and drama to a diverse population. The company’s major focus is that of targeting those under served communities and individuals that reside within these communities. Over the last 22 years, the organization has been a major provider of cultural activities for during and after school programs, summer programs, libraries, community and church events as well as social entertainment throughout the State of Alabama, city of Birmingham and surrounding areas. www,