(Oakland, CA) Black Arrow (FC), the US-based platform dedicated to the intersection of soccer and black culture, has joined forces with the English Premier League to release a documentary about the black American impact on the most-viewed sports league in the world. Produced by the English Premier League and going out to the league broadcasters globally, the 26-minute documentary will run on NBC Sports in the United States and Amazon in the UK.

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The film examines the various ways in which black Americans have influenced the league, from players to fans to businessmen, under the direction of Aaron Dolores, the founder of Black Arrow FC, as well as the part Black Arrow has played in igniting the larger cultural movement.

The film features US National Team legends Tim Howard and Jozy Altidore, as well as current USMNT star Chris Richards, playing at Crystal Palace. NBA Legends Dominique Wilkins, who became an avid soccer fan from his days playing basketball in Europe, and current Miami Heat player Josh Richardson, who fell in love with the sport by playing the video game EA FIFA,.

Filmed all over the United States, including stops in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Oakland, and New York, with a guest appearance by Randall Woodfin, Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, hometown of Chris Richards, about the potential of soccer to grow in the predominantly college-focused south.  Also featured in the film is youth talent in Los Angeles at Venice Beach FC, pick up soccer club and youth academy finding and growing local talent and creating opportunities to compete against some of the best in soccer.

The film starts and ends in Oakland, CA, at The Athletic Club Oakland, highlighting the black soccer cultural movement started by Black Arrow FC and its founder.