Heard you were looking for your place in the world, (well, this side of the Big Muddy, anyway). I know the feeling. In so many ways, I’ve been looking for my place in the world, and really have found my groove just in the last ten years or so. I’ve decided that my biggest problem is I’m misunderstood by pretty much everybody except the people who’ve actually met me. If only those who think they know me would spend a couple of days here, they’d realize how wrong they are.

I’ve seen it happen. I invite them over for a short stay… next thing you know, they’re singing my praises. They check out my neighborhoods. They wander the wooded paths of my parks. They explore my history. Before you know it, they’ve discovered my museum of art, my incredible symphony orchestra, my ballet. They’ve seen a show in one my unbelievable venues. They’ve checked out my community of mixologists that man my local bars, quaffed a beer in my breweries, and dined in my restaurants. Surely, you’ve heard about my restaurants. I mean, they’ve been written up in everything from Alabama Magazine to Zagats. (That’s A to Z… see what I did there?)

A lot of people don’t know this, but I’m also a happening place for new music. I mean, how would you ever know that I am an absolute hot zone for the emerging music scene without spending an evening here shaking your booty to St. Paul and the Broken Bones or The Alabama Shakes, or enjoying a little Jason Isbellnot to mention all of the up and coming bands that find me the idea place to incubate.

Oh, and speaking of incubation, you would not believe the entrepreneur vibe here. I’ve got start-ups crawling all over me. I’ve been told, (I think it was geekwire.com) that I “make bold bets, [have] the mindset of a pioneer, and [think] big.” Amen, brother. That is so how I roll. Anyway, you don’t know me. I know that. But, I feel like I know you. So, if you come to town, we could start with coffee, or lunch. And see where it goes from there.

Sincerely yours,