Meet the CVB Staff

Our sales and servicing staffs are seasoned professionals who will guide you through the process of planning and executing your event. For your convenience, staff are listed by departments. We look forward to connecting with you.

Convention Sales

Michael Gunn, CMP, CFMP

Sr. Vice President (205) 214-9212

Steve Pierson

Director of Sales Southeast Association Territory specializing in Government, Law Enforcement, First Responders (205) 214-9234

Carman Atchison

National Sales Manager Northeast Association Territory specializing in Cultural, Educational and Agricultural (205) 214-9208

Denice Gaskin-McBride

Office Manager (205) 214-9231

Amy Hudson

State Association Sales Manager State Associations to include AL, TN, MS, and GA (205) 447-4369

Courtney Ingersoll

National Sales Manager All Corporate (205) 214-9219

Cynthia F. Fuller, CTIS, TMP

National Sales Manager Western Association Territory specializing in Faith, Fraternal, Multicultural, LGBTQ, and Engineering (205) 214-9232

Heidi Soltys

National Sales Manager Midwest Association Territory specializing in Medical & Health, and Faith Based (205) 214-9233


Sara Hamlin, CTIS

Vice President of Tourism (205) 214-9205

Sharon Brown, TMP, CTIS

Tourism Sales Manager (205) 214-9230

Sheryl Ellis

Tourism Sales Manager (205) 214-9224

Tara Walton, CTIS

Director of Tourism (205) 214-9206


David Galbaugh

Vice President of Sports Sales and Marketing (205) 214-9210

Tonia Whatley

Director of Sports Business Development (205) 214-9211

Brandon Conner

Sports Business Development Manager (205) 214-9238

Lynnette Davis

Event Servicing Manager (205) 214-9209


Anne Williams

Director of Convention Services (205) 214-9217

Brent Cotton

Associate Director of Convention Servicing (205) 214-9223

Samantha Pugh

Senior Convention Servicing Manager (205) 214-9222