I’m Still Hungry: More Food Itineraries

_TTP3562People come from all over the region just to experience Birmingham’s dining scene. Here’s a second itinerary for your consideration:

  • Begin your day with breakfast at Trattoria Centrale downtown, where you’ll find pancetta, scallion and goat cheese omelets with big homemade biscuits and fresh-squeezed orange juice.
  • Once you’ve fueled up, it’s off to Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum to see the world’s largest collection of antique and contemporary motorcycles. The museum includes more than 1,400 meticulously restored bikes and Lotus cars, and the multi-story displays are quite the eye candy.
  • It would be a shame to come to Birmingham and not have the world’s best barbecue. Go to any one of the three Saw’s locations for perfect pork sandwiches. At the Avondale location, Saw’s Soul Kitchen, we’d recommend an incredible dish of cheese grits piled high with turnip greens, barbecue pork, and onion rings.
  • Fight off the urge for an afternoon nap by exploring some downtown shopping. Yes, Birmingham has major mall shopping (see Let’s Go Shopping itinerary), but you’ll find plenty of gems downtown like Reed Books, the shop that has everything from rare books to Piggly Wiggly costumes.
  • _DSC9023For your evening pleasure, we hope you’ve made reservations for dining at Hot & Hot Fish Club*, which is neither a fish camp nor a private association. It is one of the city’s finest restaurants with one of the city’s best chefs, Chris Hastings. You may have seen him on The Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” beating the stew out of Bobby Flay.

* Requires reservation well in advance of your visit.