When it comes to good burgers, Birmingham will never let you down. Our little big city is filled
to the brim with burger shops for every price-point and every taste bud. Though this list is far
from all-inclusive, we thought we’d share a few of the Magic City’s most popular hot spots for
burger lovers.

1. Chez Fonfon
There’s only one rightful place to start a list when talking about burgers and Birmingham, and
that place is Chez Fonfon. Concocted by James Beard Award nominee Chef Frank Stitt, the
Hamburger Fonfon is heralded as one of the best in the country time and time again.
Nestled in the heart of Five Points South, this French bistro serves the burger topped with comté cheese.
Photo via Chez Fonfon

2. Paramount
Paramount serves as Birmingham’s signature barcade-style sports bar, filled with good eats
and classic games. Each house ground patty they serve up comes paired with a witty name and
delicious toppings (and, just in case you’re not feeling up for burgers, you can get any
of their signature burgers as a hotdog instead). Feeling adventurous? Dive in to The Paramount
Burger: two house ground beef patties, mozzarella, American cheese, corned beef, pickles, crispy smashed risotto ball, fried farm egg, garlicky mayo, and barrio hot sauce (pictured above).


Photo via Yelp

3. Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint
When it comes to Jack Brown’s, everything you need to know about their menu is right there in their name. But don’t mistake their straightforwardness for simplicity – this classic burger bar serves up some of the most inventive dishes we’ve ever seen. Whether it’s “The Elvis” burger topped with peanut butter, “The Showalter” burger substituting glazed doughnuts for buns, or
“The Freestyle” burger topped with a surprise, this wild restaurant is sure to keep you coming back for more.


Photo via Jack Brown’s

4. Dram Whiskey Bar
Housed in Mountain Brook Village, the down-home Dram Whiskey Bar shares a space with
California-cool Avo right above it, allowing patrons to mix and match items from either restaurant’s menu. While it might not have burger in the name, rest-assured that’s what many folks come to Dram to try. Specializing in Black Angus burgers, Dram knows just how make your taste buds say “wow.” Dive into the Pimiento Cheeseburger or treat yourself with a little bit of breakfast for dinner with the Gatlinburger, featuring country sausage and a fried farm egg.

dramPhoto via Yelp

5. Saw’s BBQ
Though known to be one of Birmingham’s favorite barbecue joints, the burgers at Saw’s are not to be underestimated, particularly the namesake “Saw Burger.” According to one Trip Advisor user, “I tried the Saw Burger and it is the single best burger I have ever eaten. It is juicy and tender and simply perfect! You won’t regret trying it.” Grab this southern goodness with some of Saw’s classic crispy fried onions for an unforgettable meal that will leave you full and happy.


Photo via Saw’s

6. Sam’s Super Samwiches
Sitting cozy in the heart of downtown Homewood, this short-order sandwich shop has been specializing in made-to-order hamburgers since the late 1970s. Sam’s serves up delightfully delicious, no-frills meals that know just how to hit the spot. Walk through the classic lunch counter and order yourself a burger fully dressed – featuring onions and a very special sauce. And don’t forget to add a bag of Birmingham’s very own Golden Flake potato chips to complement your meal.

Photo via Sam’s Super Samwiches

7. Shindigs Catering
While it’s not a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, the Shindigs food truck has become a staple at most Birmingham events. Follow it around and you’ll be sure to grab some of the best burgers in town. If you’re able to get to the truck, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try their extremely popular Willis Burger. This all-ground, double-pattied, grass-fed goodness is a served up on a sweet potato roll with apple-smoked bacon, gorgonzola, blueberry mustard and truffle yogurt, giving you a truly gourmet bite for under $10.

Photo via Shindigs Catering

8. Twisted Root Burger Co.
It’s hard to describe the burgers at Twisted Root as anything other than YUM. The newest restaurant on our list, this big bite burger spot has quickly become a suburban staple many are driving out of their way for. Pack your appetite and order up some amped-up versions of the classic American cheeseburger, like the “Freshman 15” featuring smashed fries on top of the burger, melted cheddar, boatloads of bacon and a fried egg.

Photo via Yelp