People like being in Birmingham. It’s hip without the pretense—cool without the exertion. It’s just one of the best places in the South to be these days. Of course, people of all ages like being in Birmingham, but there’s a millennial vibe here that’s so loud you can almost hear it. Millennials we know say they love the ‘Ham for hundreds of reasons. Here are a dozen we noted:

1.  The shopping is jaw-dropping. The retail center of the state is brimming with malls, high-end boutiques and outlet shopping. Spit-polish your credit cards.


 2.  Live music is Birmingham’s signature entertainment. Great music is steadily underway at city parks, outdoor concerts and historic venues. Leave your bluegrass at the door … come rock with us.


 3.  Our caffeine is not routine. You won’t need that triple espresso to feel good when you and friends sink down in a sofa at one of dozens of coffee bars.

caffine_not_routine (1)

 4.  The food is astounding. And affordable.Birmingham enjoys a rockstar culinary reputation. Eat well without financial damage.food_is_astounding

5.  Size does matter. When it comes to Birmingham attractions, bigger is better. See the world’s largest collection of vintage motorcycles and the largest cast iron statue in the world.

Size does matter

 6Our ballpark is right downtown. It’s brand dang new and has a killer view of the skyline. And speaking of killer, try the Magic City Dog.

caffine_not_routine (2)

7.  Our entertainment districts are … well … entertaining. See some colorful characters. Shop for vinyl records. Take a photo at the storyteller fountain. Drink a craft brew. Get a tattoo. (Don’t tell your mother we said that.)

8.  We’re in motion. The great outdoors calls to hikers, boaters, golfers and those of us who just like to ride the zip lines. Or join the dozens of people who wheel around town with the city’s bike-share transport. Oak Mtn State Park, mountain bicycles, bike trail, 9.  Our festivals are big fun. We’ll celebrate just about anything—art, music, crawfish, animals, butterbeans, independent film, the Fourth of July, the fifth of July…You get the idea.

festivals10.  We specialize in specialty shops. Ever had a gourmet peanut butter popsicle? Or a banana pudding cupcake? Or buy earrings at a place called Naked Art? Be the envy of your friends.

Specialty shops

 11.  You can see where world history was made. Birmingham’s role in America’s Civil Rights Movement changed the world. It’s much more interesting seeing it first-hand than reading about it in your history book.history_made_here

 12.  You’ll feel the local love. Birmingham likes nothing better than having company. It takes little encouragement to get locals to talk about their favorite places in town. Listen. Take notes. We know the hot spots.locals_love_company